We are so excited to be building out an amazing learning portal so that we can take Quick Win Weekend to the next level.

We all love our Facebook groups, but we knew that setting up a quiet spot on the interwebs, where you can watch and learn was absolutely key to helping you all create those wins!

What is Quick Win Weekend?

Quick Win Weekend was formed when three industry-leading-crafty-BFF’s with a heart for the crafterprenuer community teamed up to put together practical quarterly strategy to help their fellow crafters. 

Tammy Hodges (Polka Dot Wreath Co), Mellie Mel (Sincerely Creative Mom) and Jacque Koch (The Fancy Front Door) have poured hours into the bringing the freshest content, trends, styles and strategies to bring you what's working now in the craft room and online.

The goal of QWW is to give you actionable content that you can implement over a weekend and see business growth and hear cha-chings by Monday!

Get access to three incredible industry leaders who want to educate you with their secrets to success!! 

Tammy, Jacque and Mellie Mel can’t wait to teach you how to turn your hobby into a business with actionable content that you can implement over a weekend.

  • 3 LIVE quick win tutorials

    • Since Tammy, Jacque and Mellie Mel all have very different styles, this segment of Quick Win is FUN FUN FUN!!!
    • Watch and learn as the girls create something from their very own bag of tricks!!
    • These quick designs are typically something each business has sold quick in the past and/or it’s a quick design to add items in your shop!
    • Tried and proven designs are golden!
    • We all know TIME IS MONEY… so learning these QUICK designs, that have been successfully sold (currently or in the past), is like giving the gift of time!
  • 3 Professionally recorded showstoppers!

    • Let’s face it… your customers may know you as a particular style because you mostly make one style… but what happens when you have a customer looking for something BIGGER!!!
    • Do you have an example of what you CAN create??? A design that stops folks in their tracks and attracts them into your shop to check things out a little more??
    • THIS is what a SHOWSTOPPER is all about!! These 3 recorded SHOWSTOPPER designs are meant to teach you technique and how to show your audience what you are made of!
    • All while providing the luxury of a recorded tutorial! The designer can teach technique and stay on track with the importance of having a SHOW STOPPER available in your shop!
  • 3 Business Bombshells ~ actionable content that can be easily implemented

    • The Summer session is all about:
      • Upselling your ticket price to customers who are already willing to buy should be an easy transition! Learn how and when to easily increase your ticket price by offering a complementing items!
      • Instagram posts including hashtags and shadow banning! We all know we should be growing our social media audience on more than one platform… but did you know using certain hashtags could hurt your reach on Instagram?? Learn what to stay away from on Instagram!
      • Canva utilization including banners for Facebook, Etsy and Instagram! Also learn the importance of a professional looking post on social media! If you want to sell like a business, your platforms should look like a real business!!
  • Live Business Q&A

    • This is always the crowd favorite!
    • Circling back to the 3 industry leaders… Tammy, Jacque and Mellie Mel work their businesses entirely different… yet they all have very successful businesses!
    • This Q&A session is light and fun… giving the quick opportunity for Quick Win guests to ask that special QUICK question!
    • Listen and learn as the gals give the same…. Or different answers on the various questions!
    • It’s all about success… but success looks different with all businesses!
    • Listening to the different answers and remembering there usually isn’t a wrong answer can open up the thought process when it comes to YOUR business!!!
    • When YOU win THEY win, so you’re going to get ALLLL the goods!

Quick Win Weekend Sessions are open every quarter… Each session offers unique and NEW content! 

Next available session coming in October 2021!

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